Top 10 Anime Songs to Sing in the Shower

YouTube channel Ms. Mojo recently featured the Top 10 Songs to Sing in the Shower (all good tunes to croon), so that got me thinking what could be the anime equivalents. Today, I listed the top 10 anime songs to sing in the shower (which everyone knows is the absolute best place to pretend you’re Aya Hirano or Utada Hikaru).

Whether it be the #feels factor, the cheerful vibe for the morning rush, or the powerhouse vocals that the less talented can only boldly belt out in the tiled confines of one’s bathroom, these songs should be part of your sud-filled playlist.

Top 10 Anime Songs to Sing in the Shower

1. Anata Dake Mitsumeteru – Slam Dunk

The short 1:30 ending theme barely scratches the surface of what Maki Ohguro’s vocals can do in the full-sized theme. The “Mesazu LOVE POWER!!” line will rock your world (and probably your neighbor’s jetmatic, too, but hey, HIGH TENSION!).

2. In My Dreams – Brain Powerd

Don’t let the delicate piano intro fool you– this is a great pop-rock theme guaranteed to pump you up regardless of the quality (or lack thereof) sleep you’ve had. The last part of the song will refuse to let up– it will strain your vocal cords, rip your throat, and potentially make you vomit your guts. But it’s okay, because the song is THAT awesome.

3. Tobira wo Akete / Ashita no Melody – Card Captor Sakura

Card Captor Sakura has a LOT of great themes, so it was friggin’ difficult to narrow down the song choices, let alone pick one. Hence, I picked two songs. Ashita E No Melody is from the soundtrack of the second movie, and even from the “Todokete…” opening line, you already know that this song will be a fun, yell-y romp.

Tobira wo Akete is the second opening song of the Card Captor Sakura TV series, and is just plain joyful and cheery. After listening to this once, even non-Japanese speaking people will have a hard time getting “Daijoubu, daijoubu, daijoubu” out of their brains.

4. Sobakasu – Rurouni Kenshin

Sobakasu (“Freckles”) is part of every anime fan’s playlist growing up. Who doesn’t love screaming at the top of their lungs, “Omoide wa… ITSUUUUmo kirei DAKEDOOOOO”? And now, you can continue the Ama Kakeru Ryu no Hirameki technique in your showers, and then reach for your kimono, er, bathrobe after you step out like the badass hitokiri you know you are.

5. God Knows – Haruhi no Suzumiya

If the frenetic intro doesn’t wake you out of your stupor, Aya Hirano’s chorus vocals will. It’s the perfect song for making you feel as omnipotent and unflappable as a god.

6. Sore Ga, Ai Deshou – Full Metal Panic

This song doesn’t have diva singing moments– it’s an easy, relaxing listening right to the end, with mild steps up and sporadic long, fast notes. But lord, it’s so sing-able! If you want a feel-good start to your day, sing this in the shower.

7. Orphans no Namida – Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans

The bluesy vocal styling perfectly fits the song and the anime, and ushers back the retro Gundam themes beautifully. There are a few high notes to hit here, but a lot of long, rolling notes “Oooorphaaaans, namida!”, ensuring you still have enough voice to use for the rest of your day.

8. Soshite Ima – Chihayafuru

At first glance, the song seems a bit too dramatic for morning rituals. But once you get to “Soshite ima futari wa”,  the song picks up. My favorite part is the bridge before the final set of chorus– it’s magical and reminiscent of another great shower song, “Dearest” from Inu Yasha.

9. Ninelie – Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

Regardless of whether you think the plot went off-rails near the end, one thing most fans would agree on is that it had GREAT theme songs. I have to pick the ending theme for this list though, because tyou know that when the lyrics have the lines “Cry and dream” and “Don’t be afraid, daybreak has come”, you know you’re in for a shower concert treat!

10. Kanashimi wo Yasashisa Ni – Naruto

Naruto loves its J-rock themes, and this third opening song is among the few that stands out a bit differently from the rest. Its varying melodic pace and long ending notes are fun to sing!


You Raise Me Up – Romeo x Juliet

The English original is already beautiful by itself, but it takes a softer feel when sung in Romeo x Juliet. The vocals soar, but the song never loses its romance to the gospel feel like the original, making it more accessible to your bathroom acoustics sessions.
Splash Free – Free!

It’s not a diva song, but it’s fun to dance to this. Plus, it fits well into your bathroom itinerary, yes?

Mask – Bakuretsu Hunters

Love the “Shy na Venus” line the most, but the rest of the song is fun and energizing.
Resolution – Gundam x

One of my favorite Gundam songs (despite my not having watched the series– the song is that catchy!) Terrific beat!

What are YOUR favorite anime songs to sing while showering? Sound off in the comments!


  1. Agree with SD’s anata dake and RK’s sobakasu. Was hoping HxH’s Ohayo was in the list ‘coz every 90’s kid knows the song. Teehee.

    Ate Syao, you should also try OST of Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn (Listen to the Radio is for piano freaks love it to the max, cutsie songs from Cherryblossoms and rock af songs from LMC), Eyeshield 21 (Innocence is a fave but the others are cool too), Gensoumaden Saiyuki, Kuroko no Basuke songs by Granrodeo and Haikyuu’s opening and endings. Actually, gaganda talaga ng sountrack ng Sports anime in general. Dunno why.

    Special mention to jologs me for reccing Uta no Prince-sama OST. Kinaya kong pagtiyagaan yung anime and yung kklk na harem just because the songs are uber lovely.

    Dami ko sinabi. Daldal.


    1. Queuing up all your suggestions on YouTube. <3 I've been meaning to watch Haikyuu din, so this is pretty timely.

      I've read a few Uta no Prince-sama manga chapters. Now I'm curious to see the anime. 😀 Will watch it with the male barkada. Last time I made them watch Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!. So this time, singing boys naman. 😀


    2. Yas Haikyuu Ate Syao! Bask in the bro-riffic characters of the Karasuno kids. And also, don’t expect too much sa anime ng Utapuri. Pero kung eyecandy lang trip mo with the boys, hihi. ?


  2. i love how the one song (naruto) that i wanted to hear was f*cking blocked by america…. what the actual f*ck is up with that?! i can watch it in the anime i can watch it on literally everything else but why not youtube…


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