1. :D

    Fot, the one you quoted says couples with infertility issues, which could mean hospitals have to provide invitro to anyone who asks 😀 a procedure that is expensive, and will eventually boil down to additional tax burden to tax payers (aka middle class) 😀 so I’m glad they ruled that unconstitutional :p

    Politics should not meddle with religion and vice versa. Allowing people to practice their religion freely is good. You can look at it as allowing muslims wear their headgears around a campus without being forced to conform to school regulations. 😀

    Besides, magic can explain half the stuff science can’t 😀 even with all the progress in science, a torn condom can still make a girl preggy :p (unless it’s another dood he’s doing :D) :p

    1. Syao Chan

      Omitooot! :3

      That’s a fair point, pero it’s still the right of an individual to have access to these information, lalo na marginalized ones. Maybe it can be amended na we can filter out those who approach the State for costly procedures?

      Politics and religion DEFINITELY should not mix. The problem is the church has selective morality issues. Pag corruption, tahimik. Pag RH, nagrarally. Hayst.

      At nahaluan mo pa talaga ng yaoi sa huli hahaha!


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