My Favorite Parts of Virtua Fighter (The Anime)

So I saw a post on Facebook about remembering this anime from the 90’s era. It reminded me that I never got to see the ending of the series because I got bored with the Jacky-Pai-Akira trio rescuing Sarah arc. I would have been happy to spend those episodes watching Pai and Akira bicker and do their slap-slap-kiss-kiss routine instead.


Anyhow, I was able to find some season 1 episodes on Youtube, but gave up on season 2 because there were no English subs. Wikipedia helped me get an idea of the finale at least (if you can dare call a cliffhanger ending that). But while rewatching some episodes, I ended up reminiscing some of my favorite parts of the episodes (aside from the Pai x Akira-ness and a great opening song), shown below.

1. The impressive Quick Change scenes

No interstellar wormhole can explain this time dilation fashion.

Sarah is wearing a mini skirt at the start of the scene.


But when a fight scene starts, they do a 2-second costume change…


And all of a sudden, Sarah’s wearing her skin-tight battle pants!


Truly a sartorial triumph in the face of close-quarter combat situation! Watch the scene below to believe it.

2. The voice-over explanations of battle moves

Accompanied by a wire mesh animation of how to execute the said battle move. Tagalog dubs of this part is the king!

Ang JOMBAG! Ito ay isinasagawa sa pamamagitan ng isang malakas na suntok gamit ang kamao, na maaaring sundan ng isang mabilis at maharot na kurot na may kasamang maraming feelings!

3. Master Asia!


Someone’s dad got some explaining to do.


BTW, what’s with old men and their penchant for braids? Aren’t you suppose to lose hair as you grow old, not grow Queen Elsa hair?

4. Lesbian Twincest


Did they really have these characters in the video game? It’s like these were conceptualized after a weekend marathon of bad porn flicks or something.


I wish GMA would replay animes like this, instead of Yuyu Hakusho which I had watched over 4,000 times in this lifetime already.

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