10 Most Stylish Anime Men

Despite having been a managing editor for a pioneering budget fashion and lifestyle blog, I don’t really have a style “flair”. I’m the type of person who wear things so long as they still fit me.

I tried to google my look, and for some reason, a bunch of skinny white teenage girls appear as results. Has Vogue beauty standards hijacked even my go-to style statement?
I tried to google my look, and for some reason, a bunch of skinny white teenage girls appear as results. Has Vogue beauty standards hijacked even my go-to style statement?


tl;dr: I have absolutely no credibility to preach on today’s blog topic, but because I’m a know-it-all, here is my version of the Ms. Mojo list (which, of course, I do not agree with). My basis/definition of stylish can be either of the following:

  • one who’s fashionably elegant. He must have demonstrated this by either dressing himself and/or another person stylishly in *various* occasions, so characters who only wore one outfit (ex. school uniform) throughout the series will not be included.
  • one who acts in a distinct manner that is extremely aesthetically impressive

Top 10 Stylish Anime Guys 

10. Roy Mustang – Full Metal Alchemist


Ah, men in uniform. So imposing. So authoritative. So dashing.  But even in civilian garb, Mustang is still a winner in my books.


He even makes an eyepatch look sexayyyy as hell!


Let’s just agree not to talk about his look in the series finale. I didn’t see anything if you didn’t.

9. Aoshi Shinomori – Rurouni Kenshin


The gang’s token emo who beat the shit out of an old man in front of a girl he had taken care of since she was little, Aoshi makes up for it by being the most stylish bishie in the Rurouni Kenshin-verse. That trench coat makes Aoshi look like he’s gliding down a Parisian catwalk in the middle of Meiji era Japan.

His youthful days of ninja-ing also had him eschewing fishnet for solid fabric and that snazzy scarf. There was no awkward puberty phase for this beautiful man.


His post-Shishio/ post-trench coat arcs still make him look hot AF.

images-1 screenshot_44

And the manga ending where he wore a suit (swoon) under his trademark trench coat (hyperventilates) made anyone desperately wish they were Makimachi Misao.


8. Eriol Hiiragizawa – Card Captor Sakura


Half-reincarnation, half-CLAMP conundrum Hiiragizawa-kun can make a graduation toga look good. Let that sink for a minute there.

When not messing with the card captors, Eriol can usually be seen sporting preppy outfits that scream “nice boy you can bring home to your momma”.

5897 355127

7. Izana Wistalia – Akagami no Shirayukihime


It’s easy to dismiss the king as a mere Howl look-alike, with his golden yellow hair and coat’s raised collar. But off uniform, he sure brings his fashion A-game.

Here’s Izana smirking amidst the punishing winter.


And here’s Izana proving that real hotties read books.


6. Levi Ackerman – Shingeki no Kyojin


One of the most meme-fied anime characters today, Captain Levi was the first to show us how cool an additional green cape can be, on top of the already spiffy-looking brown military uniform, especially when rotating gracefully in the air before bringing down the blades on a Titan’s neck.

But prior to his Scouting Legion duties, he was already a dapper dresser.


And of course, he looks amazing in neutrals.


5. Lelouch Vi Britannia – Code Geass


Whether as a student, a masked antihero, or an emperor, Lelouch always looks spankin’ good.

rendercodegeass128 e268ef7f43f63d06115b80639bebf5d9largeanimepaperscans_code-geass_kor

And for him to stand out despite the dozens of other beautifully-designed men and women c/o the brilliant CLAMP is a testament to his stylishness. I mean, he makes a cop outfit look great, dammit!

cop-lelouch screenshot_45

4. Earl Edgar J. C. Ashenbert – Earl and Fairy


I’m a bigger fan of the earl’s smexier, more dangerously kakkoii manga incarnation, but his anime counterpart ain’t too shabby.


Society’s most eligible bachelor never loses his poise, except when Lydia’s safety is concerned. Even then, he pulls off his rescues, confrontations, etc. with grace and elegance expected of an earl.


3. Sakamoto – Sakamoto Desu Ga


I think this is cheating (a bit), as the titular Sakamoto is often seen wearing his school uniform. But man, not many characters can match the panache that this young man has. He makes even the most mundane action and/or scenario stylish, thanks to his Cool! Cooler! Coolest! charm.

He makes a food crew outfit look soooo princely.


And even with considerably less clothes, Sakamoto is still stylish as ever.


2.  Kaito Kid – Magic Kaito


Pulling things off in style is practically a requirement for any magician, but Kaito Kid is not just any magician. So of course this guy has to be *uber* stylish! From the monocle that can barely hide one’s identity to the debonair magician’s hat to the cool tools Kaito puts to good use like playing cards and white doves, the Moonlight Thief is every inch a stylista!


He also manages to appear dashing in nearly all his disguises.

screenshot_47 raw

Plus, if you’re his GF, he’ll be happy to pick your clothes for you (in 5 seconds, no less!)


1. Sebastian Michaelis – Black Butler


The can-do-it-all demon butler that keeps our darling Ciel Phantomhive looking elegantly cute, the Phantomhive mansion immaculately grand, and friends and enemies hopelessly awestruck/infatuated. Also, he loves cats.


Whether he’s dressing up Ciel for his next ball or fighting against bloodthirsty and bodylusting Grell, the demon butler makes it a point to be elegant and graceful.


While he rarely steps out of the butler uniform, we actually prefer it that way. His dignified style represents immense devotion and loyalty to one’s master that would have been politically incorrect and out-of-place in the modern world.



trunkssit-179x300 images-2 104385 screenshot_48
(Dragon Ball Z)
Minato Namikaze (Naruto) Kuranosuke Koibuchi (Kuragehime) Orga Itsuka
(Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans)
37358_jpg_3271 c23044ffe11b036b3c3614b37b71ec8f wolfwood_wallpaper001 264117
Hatori Sohma (Fruits Basket) Oliver “Naru” Davis (Ghost Hunt) Nicholas Wolfwood (Trigun) Kanie Seiya 
(Amagi Brilliant Park)

Did I miss any other stylish anime men in this list? Scold me in the comments section!


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